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How to Prepare For High School Football

If you want to play high school football, you are going to have to prepare for it. Find out what steps that you need to be following that will help you become more prepared for this sport so that you can play it better.

Get a basic understanding of the game. Know the rules. Know the basics of offence and defense. Know what position that you will likely be playing based on the body type that you have. Focus on learning some basic techniques for that position.

Enroll in a football camp if you have one in your area. This will give you the basic drills and exercises that you need to be working on. You will find out which techniques you need to learn and work on for the positions that you are going to be playing.

Join a gym and start working out. Focus on being able to maintain cardio performance for at least 45 minutes. Also focus on building strength as you are going to need it to play football well. The better in shape you are, the less likely you are going to be injured.

Look on the internet and learn basic football drills. Practice these at home as much as you can.

Be sure to start eating a healthier diet. This will help you perform better as you will be healthier and have the fuel that you need to play well. This can also help you cut extra weight that you don’t need to be carrying to be able to perform your best.


Get rid of soda in your diet. Soda makes it harder to breath like you need to athletically. It also has extra sugar that your body does not need and will cause you to add on weight.

Talk to your potential coach for the next year. Get some tips on training for the next season. There might already be training programs in place at your high school that you can follow to be prepared to play.

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