Typical Social Media Service Packages

So, you’ve decided that you want to be a social media manager. You’ve played around on the different social networks and feel that you can absolutely help others. However, you have no idea what type of service packages or prices to start with.

To help you sort it out, here are some examples of packages you could offer. You can adapt these basic ideas to your strengths and weaknesses and of course to what the client needs as well.

A typical menu of services would include a profile setup, routine maintenance, reputation management, as well as content creation and distribution. Now, you’re probably reading that and scratching your head, wondering what on earth I am talking about. No worries, let’s take each one and break it down for you.

Profile setup is simply what is sounds like. Your prospective client may not have a profile setup on the network of choice so this is where your skills will be needed. Adding a picture, short bio, contact information, etc. Some prospective clients may have a profile setup that they haven’t updated in months. You will be sure that their profile is up to date with appropriate information as well as up to date email and website information if needed.

Routine management will involve daily monitoring of their specific profiles. If they are active on more than one social network; you will be responsible for filtering of friend requests, personal messages, private messages and responses to their tweets or updates.


Reputation management and monitoring involves keeping up to date with their names and keywords. This will involve a bit of research on your part but will be useful for your prospective clients. Perhaps they will want to know what their competitors are doing or sharing and you can help them keep up with the pulse of their specific industry.

Finally the content creation and distribution is another service you can offer your prospective client. This entails sharing their content across the different networks. It can also involve researching the latest trends in their particular industry. This research can then be used to create blog posts or shared with your client to create a video, audio or podcast.

The services you offer will depend on your skill set and your comfort level at providing the service. The next obvious question is the break down and prices of packages – be sure to come back for more information on setting up your packages because that’s coming!

Kate Buck Jr., owner of KBJOnline.com leads social marketing campaigns that bond passionate and energized consumers with global corporations, restaurants, films, consultants, retail stores, non-profits, causes and local businesses.

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